And that’s a wrap: Edmonton restaurant chain wins auction for government donair costume

An Edmonton restaurant chain has wrapped up a bidding war on a donair costume owned by the Alberta government. 

The 1.4-metre tall outfit made of latex, vulcanized rubber and synthetic materials stirred up a social media feeding frenzy when it first hit the auction block in mid-July.

When the auction closed Monday night, Edmonton’s PrimeTime Donair & Poutine had the top bid of $16,025. 

According to the provincial government website, more than 1,700 bids were registered.

The appetizing attire comes complete with shaved meat, sauce, tomatoes, onions — and, somewhat controversially, lettuce.

It is wrapped in tinfoil for that authentic look, and also comes with a silver body suit to be worn underneath.

PrimeTime Donair & Poutine owner Adil Asim told CBC’s Edmonton AM the bid gave the company cross-Canada bragging rights. 

Edmonton AM6:15Who won the donair costume bid?

The Alberta government’s auction of a donair mascot costume triggered an avalanche of interest. Prime Time Donair came in with a top bid just over $16,000. Adil Asim is the owner and founder of Prime Time.

The costume had caught the eye of Nicholas Nahas, co-owner of Halifax-based King of Donair. Nahas and Asim traded bids and friendly barbs in the media about what and what shouldn’t be on a donair. 

Nahas wanted to bring the suit to the east coast so he could remove the lettuce, while Asim vowed to keep the costume adorned with the leafy vegetable.

“We saw some of the guys who were from the other shops were bidding – they’re from the Maritimes – talking about how lettuce doesn’t belong in a donair,” he said. 

“The majority of people here enjoy lettuce.”

The suit is 1.4-metres tall costume comes complete with shaved meat, sauce, tomatoes, onions – and somewhat controversially, lettuce. (Emily Williams/CBC)

Asim said he contacted auction runner-up, YouTube star Steve Wallis, to see if they can combine forces and raise funds for food banks in Edmonton and Calgary. 

Special effects studio Alterian Inc., which is based in Los Angeles, designed and created the costume in 2015 for a traffic safety video about the perils of driving high on cannabis.

The suit never saw the light of day after the campaign was scrapped. 

Asim is considering branding his donair costume with the PrimeTime logo. 

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