Brew and Bloom: Inside the stunning new location in Edmonton

If you’re impressed by the elegant and Instagrammable Brew and Bloom location in downtown Edmonton, prepare to be blown away because the restaurant has taken the concept to a whole new level with a gorgeous new space in south Edmonton.

The new location, located in the Summerside area, is set for a soft opening on June 7. Like the downtown restaurant, it specializes in photo-worthy food and drinks that are just as delicious as they are beautiful.

We got a sneak peek at the new location, and we can’t wait to come back.

First of all, the space has been immaculately constructed, adorned top to bottom with bunches of flowers and hues of pink. The bar in the centre has a very modern yet retro feel, and the lighting throughout the restaurant is perfect.

Allison Stephen/Daily Hive

It’s an ideal setting for a special occasion or even a night with the girlies and a couple of espresso martinis.

We tried a couple of food and drinks, starting with the sweet cloud mimosa, which came with a puff of cotton candy at the top and a small carafe of pink prosecco to pour over the cloud and into the orange juice.

These are a staple of Brew and Bloom’s menu. But while the melting cotton candy is great for an Instagram video, it can get messy if your pour isn’t totally precise. Make sure to grab a straw so that you’re not holding a potentially sticky glass.

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Allison Stephen/Daily Hive

Though sticky, the mimosa was delicious, and we would definitely order it again with a weekend brunch.

After a drink, we tried a salad new to the Brew and Bloom menu that we can’t stop thinking about. The beet medley, as the name implies, featured a variety of colourful beets beautifully arranged on a plate with pumpkin seeds, microgreens, radishes, and a light, creamy, and delicious goat cheese that went so well with everything.

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Allison Stephen/Daily Hive

For the entree, we tried the lobster mac and cheese, which was rich and full of flavour. Of course, with most things at a floral-themed restaurant, the mac and cheese was topped with cute little flower buds.

Our favourite part was Brew and Bloom’s choice of pasta for the mac and cheese. The shape was somewhere between a piece of macaroni and tortellini, which the restaurant orders fresh and held onto plenty of sauce.

MixCollage 04 Jun 2024 12 52 PM 5297

Allison Stephen/Daily Hive

Lastly, for dessert, we tried the red velvet cake, beautifully presented with whipped cream and fresh fruits, which was tasty, as always, from Brew and Bloom.

MixCollage 04 Jun 2024 12 54 PM 2719

Allison Stephen/Daily Hive

To cap off the meal, we finished with the white chocolate espresso martini, which still had a pleasant coffee flavour. It was nice and creamy, which we love to see in an espresso martini.

Overall, it was a treat for both our eyes and our tastebuds.

Brew and Bloom

Address: 1019 Parsons Road SW


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