The audacity: Edmonton cracks top 10 of Canada’s rudest cities

Edmonton is often described as a place with long, cold winters but warm, friendly people, which is why we were shocked to see Alberta’s capital city make the top 10 of Canada’s rudest cities.

E-learning platform Preply surveyed almost 1,518 people from 44 Canadian cities who had lived in the country for at least one year, to rate the average rudeness of their fellow residents.

The rudest city in Canada? That distinction goes to Vaughan, Ontario, which scored an 8.05/10 for average rudeness. Coquitlam was ranked the second rudest city in Canada by Preply, with a rudeness score of 7.85.

With a rudeness score of 6.54/10, Edmonton is the eighth rudest Canadian city.

Rudest Canadian cities (Preply)

It leaves us wondering how Edmonton could have possibly made the top 10. Was it something we said, Canada? Is it our strange public art that disturbs you?

The platform also dove a bit deeper into some of Canada’s most common rude behaviours, and thankfully, Edmonton doesn’t show up on this list.

Rudest Cities Canada

Most common rude traits in Canada (Preply)

Preply also looked into which cities engage the most in one particularly rude trait: swearing.

It found that Canadians swear an average of nine times a day, but in some cities, residents appear to be more keen on cussing.

rudest cities Canada

Canadian cities that swear the most (Preply)

Burlington, Ontario, claimed the top spot, with an average of 15 swears a day, followed by Guelph, Ontario, with 14. Chatham, Ontario; Gatineau, Quebec; and Regina, Saskatchewan, tied for third with 13 swears a day.

So while Edmonton isn’t an outlier when it comes to rude behaviours, it appears that, generally, YEG is just a bit more rude than the average Canadian city.

Preply notes that despite some cities being ruder than others, overall, Canadians are still “relatively polite in public.”

“With an average rudeness score of 5.41 on our scale of one to 10 (10 being the rudest) and a strong tendency to apologize, Canada’s reputation still rings true.”

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