What To Expect From A Professional Tree Removal Service

Tree & Stump Removal
Trees are literally the givers of life, but they can become hazardous for both the environment and people if diseased. Taking care of trees and your landscaping for is necessary, especially if they are a potential risk. It is good practice to remove damaged trees quickly to prevent hazards. When in need, there are professional tree removal service companies that you can rely on to get the job done right.

Many factors should be considered while removing trees to save others from the same disease. Professional Arborists are the only one’s certified to make this type of assessment. Special tree care company tools, equipment, and machinery are required to cut down and remove the tree. Depending on the size and location of the tree, larger equipment maybe used, especially around power lines.

Whether the diseased tree is besides a home or in a public area, in the rural or urban landscape, in the forest or for a commercial plaza, its removal requires proper planning and execution. A layperson should not take the risk of cutting them as it would cause further destruction, especially if it’s a tall tree. Depending on the risk involved, trees services should be performed without experience or without precautionary measures to protect people and public property nearby.

Why should you remove a tree?

Commonly, people do not know when the tree should be removed unless taken down by a wind storm. Their lack of knowledge and carelessness may cause damage in the future. Dead trees, or trees that have internal disease are very hard to detect without a trained eye. Here is a guide to increase your knowledge about healthy trees or when it might be time to call in tree services:

  • When the tree is dead, diseased, or damaged, it should be removed. The tree may present you clues of its removal time by the faded color of leaves, dryness, and peeling bark. It is necessary to remove them as they will become dangerous trees on commercial or residential properties.
  • If any tree starts to grow to close to your house, workplace, or any other building, it might be a good idea to have them looked at for removal because they can cause severe damage to people and your property in case of storms and earthquakes. If an event like this occurs, you should call an emergency tree removal service to deal with the clean-up process.
  • If you see any tree with leaning branches towards power or phone lines you should call to have it removed. Dangerously leaning trees or sagging limbs can fall any time and can cause serious damage to the grid. It is advised to call a professional tree removal team to cut it down or do some tree pruning.


List of Tree Services:

If you have found a potential tree that seems dangerous to you and your not sure about removal, you should hire professional, skilled, and trained tree experts. They offer complete tree removal services with special precautions, an accurate tree removal cost and use of heavy equipment. Some of the services they usually offer are;

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Complete Tree removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Professional Tree Risk Assessment
  • Residential Tree Service
  • Commercial Tree Service
  • Wood Chipping & Mulching Services
  • Tree Cutting & Pruning
  • Dangerous Tree Removal
  • Tree Cabling
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Care Tips


Complete Tree Removal Process:

Tree removal services comprise several steps and a proper process to remove a tree without harm or injury. The followings tasks are included in the tree removal service:

  • First of all, cutting off all the tree branches (branch chipping).
  • Secondly, in the case of a huge tree, cutting off its truck in small pieces (splitting truck).
  • At last, cutting of tree to stump to get rid of it (stump grinding & removal).


Cost of tree removal services:

Before hiring a tree removal company, it is best practice to talk with them about your requirements and get an estimate at a reasonable price. The cost of tree removal service depends upon several factors:

Height: Tree removal teams and companies offer prices according to the tree’s height. They have categorized trees’ heights.

  • Tallest: Above 60′.
  • Tall: Between 60′ to 80′.
  • Medium: between 30′ to 60′.
  • Small: Below 30′.

Condition: Expense of tree removal depends upon the present condition of the tree comprising its trunk’s growth, age, leanness of trunk, and major branches.

Damage intensity: It is the most sensitive factor. Small damaged trees are quite easy to be removed, but large damaged and diseased trees are troublesome. Best tree removal companies should be hired for their removal, and obviously, it increases their cost rate abruptly.

Thickness: Thick trunks and multiple tree trunks affect the cost because it is harder to remove them. Also, some woods types are harder to cut, so the price also depends on the wood type.

Location: If the tree is located so close to powerlines, homes, and buildings, it is difficult to cut them. The harder the work, the more will be the pay rate. So location greatly affects the cost of tree removal services.

Tree Removal Safety Precautions:

If you do decide you are capable of going it alone, with your tree issues, we would recommend the following safety gear. Without precautions and care, removing a tree can cause serious injury or even death. We have all heard the horror stories, and it only takes one time for something awful to happen.
So, if you are intended to remove any tree by yourself, you should include some preventive measures in your planning.

Here are some things to consider safety wise:

Hemet: Wearing a helmet for professionals is necessary. It protects them from electricity shocks, face injuries, and falling branches or twigs.

Gloves: Wearing gloves during tree removal should be mandatory. It protects from poisonous plants, cuts, insects, scraps and nicks. Moreover, it also helps to have a strong grip on the chainsaw while cutting the tree.

Chainsaw defensive dress: Any chainsaw used for tree removal should be sharpened before use and therefore somewhat dangerous. One should wear thick and protective clothes while operating it for added protection.

Safety goggles: Wood Chips or fragments can severely harm the eyes. Also, the sharp branches of the trees themselves can come flying at you while cutting. One should always wear goggles to protect eyesight from any accident.

Earmuffs/earplugs: The cutting sound of the chainsaw is very loud to the naked ear. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to loud noises severely harms your hearing. One can have incurable hearing issues or even go completely deaf if not taking the necessary precautions. It is a good practice to wear over the ear earmuffs while doing a job. At the very least earplugs, to ensure you are protecting your hearing.

Work shoes: Any weekend warrior should wear steel-toed safety shoes or boots, offering greater protection for your feet while doing the job. It can also prevents provide a good grip in a tree or on the ground for sure footing.

In Conclusion:

No matter which route you decide to take, if you hire a team of experts or decide to take the tree yourself, have a solid plan, and safety routine to ensure things go as indented. Hopefully with no surprises.

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